Spooky Scary Skeletons

Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix

Release date: October 25th 2021

I believe this project was an idea of my good friend Arya (Blackberritea) who regularly does singing covers. It was really a matter of time until we collaborated, and Halloween felt like an appropriate situation given my love for dark and creepy atmospheres.

The project started as a simple cover, taking lofi and jazz as inspiration with the intention of including an unexpectedly intense section. With the help of Scylla for vocal editing, the song was entirely made remotely since we all live in different countries. This was a nice opportunity to work with vocals for once. Knowing that the project would be released on Blackberritea's channel, it was a necessary for me to keep her audience in mind. Of course, it was also an occasion to potentially ease people into slightly more experimental music that doesn't follow norms as strictly as they might be used to. I thought this was an interesting approach to the project, but I would definitely execute it differently in retrospect.

The video and cover of the single were handled by Blackberritea who required no interventions from me besides an occasional suggestion on the video (which she didn't need if I were to be honest). An equally low amount of comments was made on her recording or to Scylla, who cleaned up the undesirable artifacts due to suboptimal recording conditions that were beyond Blackberritea's control.

Arya (Singer): @blackberritea

Scylla (Vocals editing): @miscyllaneous