Days and Nights

SpiffyInk stream introduction

Release date: July 21st 2023

SpiffyInk is an art and variety gameing VTuber and a dear friend of mine. When I heard about their rebranding into a kind of creepy yet charming atmosphere, I immediately told them I wanted in on the project.

We had known each other for a few years at this point and worked on small projects together in the past, so the discussion process was very straightforward. They got me picturing a dark forest in with dim orange lighting, filled with mushrooms and shadowy creatures, yet with a distinct feeling of whimsy and warmth.

It took me a few attempts to really get the right energy, but I knew I wanted to use my classical guitar and I believe it was the right call. In fact, most of the tracks of the finals piece are guitars with effects, a synth bassline, and dark atmospheric warped guitar samples. Only at the end did I add many layers of my voice and a violin (that I cannot play at all for that matter, but that wasn't important in this instance)