Food for Vultures

Performance date: December 3rd 2022

As assignment II of the EAST-205 (Electroacoustic I) class, students were tasked to form groups of 5 or 6 to create a performance. This performance had to include 5 channels of fixed media in addition to one channel per person. The assignment was performed in a classroom equipped with a surround sound system, and additional loudspeakers were brought and placed behind each performer.

My team, Feed The Noise, created Food for Vultures in a total of 6 weeks with weekly practice sessions of variable length. My part consisted of classical guitar fed into multiple pedals controlled by a colleague, but our final setup also included (but wasn't limited to) a bass with an equal amount of pedals, two laptops with digital synthesizers, and a Korg Minilogue. The fixed media was also the result of collaboration which I contributed to with foley sounds processed by a granular synthesizer.